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This BRE course features a community economic development approach with broad-based community involvement (i.e. volunteers + professionals). In addition, the course infuses discussion and content on professional, continuous BRE visitation approaches – examining the relationship and differences between staff-driven, continuous BRE and the community-driven, volunteer intensive approach.

The course typically involves 2–4 hours per week over an 8-week period. You can work at times convenient for your schedule but staying involved on a weekly basis optimizes your experience. There are weekly videos/readings, activities, and asynchronous discussion forums. Live Zoom discussions will be scheduled on various topics.


The course will help you create a plan for your community or region’s new BRE initiative or to improve your existing program.


Weekly topics on Canvas course site (learn on your own schedule)

Week 1: Introducing the BRE process

Week 2: Strategic Considerations for your BRE

Week 3: Getting your BRE off the ground

Week 4: Building your team

Week 5: Getting going on business visits, either in-person or virtual.

Week 6: Responding to Business Concerns

Week 7: Analysis – Decision-making – Action!

Week 8: Building & sustaining credible BRE initiatives over time


Live Zoom discussions (learn together)

We’ll meet every couple weeks to discuss BRE including the course materials as well as other topics appropriate to BRE in the emerging from COVID-19 situation. These could include empathic listening, online community engagement, business succession, or other topics.


Registration required by noon on January 14, 2022


Course dates

January 19 - March 22, 2022


Course fees

Individual (per person): $625

2-person team*: $950

3-5 person team*: $1,300

Full-time student: $110 (must email your transcript to prior to class start date)


Course contacts

Michael Darger


John Bennett


Eric King


Registration help


Help with online learning


More information


*Community Team Discount

Community-led BRE is all about teamwork, so we encourage teams to attend training together. We offer team discounts for groups from a town or city, county, school district, or other groups of contiguous communities. It is available for either the online or in-person course. A community team of two can register together for $950, and a community team of three to five individuals can register together for $1,300. (The discount is for groups from a town or city, county, school district, or other groups of contiguous communities.)

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