Registering yourself or another person with a credit card or U of M EFS number?
Start your registration by creating an account or logging in. Log-in or create an account with your own credentials; you will be asked for the participant information in a future step. 

Exisiting Users & UMN account holders

Log in using your existing account information.

If you have not used your guest account or University alumni account in the past 90 days, it is probably inactive. Reactivate your University account to log in. Contact University Tech Support at 612-301-4357 or  Request to have your "Guest account activated."


I'm new to the University

  1. Select the "Register" button
  2. Fill out the "Create Guest Account" form with complete information.
  3. The name should be the name of the person creating the account (you will provide participant details in a future step). The email and password that you provide will be the "Internet ID and Password"
  4. When you have completed the guest account select the "Submit" button. Review your confirmation and select "Continue" which will prompt you to enter your Internet ID (full email address) and password to sign-in to the registration system.
  5. Proceed through the checkout process.


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