Businesses are seeking a way to be more responsive to the needs of their customers and have clearly identified Agile and Scrum as way to achieve this goal. This Agile Certificate will help you develop the competencies to confidently join and contribute to a team adopting Agile methods.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Take a deeper dive into how requirements are approached differently in Agile frameworks.
  • Examine the Agile mantra of “test early and test often”
  • Understand the paradigm shift of project vs. product, individual vs. team approach, and management vs. leading
  • Examine the role of “Agile Coach”
  • Learn advanced methods for teams, team dynamics, and metrics


Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone looking to learn the Agile and Scrum basics
  • Agile team members, managers, and leaders
  • Business analysts, project managers, DEV, QA


Cancellation Policy for Bundled Registrations:

The full priced fee for each course already taken by a participant will be retained by CCAPS. The reminder of the bundle fee will be reimbursed to the participant.

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