The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) at the University of Minnesota is a research and resource center devoted to improving language teaching and learning. CARLA offers a wide variety of professional development opportunities for language teachers including a summer institute program, international conferences, and local workshops. Check out the details at:


140 University International Center
331 17th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Telephone: 612-626-8600

Fax: 612-624-7514



CARLA X005 - a6.24: Language and Culture in Sync: Teaching Linguistic Politeness and Intercultural Awareness (3-week asynchronous online institute)
CARLA X007 - c7.15: Creativity in the Language Classroom: Fostering Student Learning Through Creative Language Experiences (1-week in-person institute)
CARLA X012 - a7.15: Culture as the Core in the Second Language Classroom (3-week asynchronous online institute)
CARLA X019 - c7.22: Critical Approaches to Heritage Language Education (1-week in-person institute)
CARLA X021 - b6.24: Content-Based Language Instruction and Curriculum Development (1-week synchronous online institute)
CARLA X023 - b7.29: Secondary Dual Language and Immersion: Achieving the Promise of Continuation Programs (1-week synchronous online institute)
CARLA X026 - b6.25: Integrating Career Readiness into Language Programs (3-day synchronous online institute)
CARLA X028 - b7.16: Teaching for Proficiency in Dual Language Immersion (3-day synchronous online institute)
CARLA X032 - b6.24: Introduction to Dual Language Immersion (1-week synchronous online institute)
CARLA X034 - a6.24: Introduction to Practical Program Evaluation for Heritage Language Programs (3-week asynchronous online institute)
CARLA X035 - b7.09: EmojiEd: Integrating Authentic Social Media in Language Teaching (3-day synchronous online institute)
CARLA X036 - c6.25: Planning Social Justice Lessons: Critical Pedagogies in Action (3-day in-person institute)
CARLA X037 - c7.29: Getting Started With Project-Based Language Learning (1-week in-person institute) NEW
CARLA X135 - Critical Thinking: If You Lead With Culture, Language Will Follow
CARLA X136 - Youth Participatory Action Research
CARLA X5000 - CARLA Priority Teacher Professional Development Scholarship Commitment Fee
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