The University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center provides leadership in freshwater management through cutting-edge research, educational opportunities for students and professionals, and community outreach.


2019 OSTP X010 - Introduction to Onsite Systems
2019 OSTP X020 - Basic Design of Onsite Systems
2019 OSTP X021 - SSTS Design Forms Training CE
2019 OSTP X027 - Intermediate Design and Inspection
2019 OSTP X029 - Advanced Design & Inspection of Onsite Systems
2019 OSTP X030 - Inspecting Onsite Systems
2019 OSTP X046 - Maintainer CE
2019 OSTP X049 - Service Provider
2019 OSTP X055 - Soils CE
2019 OSTP X060 - General CE
2019 OSTP X063 - Design Field Day CE
2019 OSTP X069 - Installer CE
2019 OSTP X082 - Design/Inspector Continuing Education
2019 OSTP X112 - Installing Onsite Systems
2019 OSTP X415 - Maintaining Onsite Systems
2019 OSTP X515 - Soils
2019 X500 STORMWATER - Stormwater Practices Inspection and Maintenance Re-certification
EXT XAF.0062 - AIS Management 101
EXT XAF.0063 - AIS Detectors Core Course - Returning Detectors
EXT XAF.0065 - AIS Detectors Core Course - Itasca Waters
EXT XAF.0066 - AIS Detectors Core Course for South Dakota
EXT XFO.0063 - AIS Detectors Core Course
OSTP X0010 -ONLINE - Introduction to Onsite Systems Online
OSTP X0010-IN PERSON - Introduction to Onsite Systems
OSTP X0020 - Basic Design of Onsite Systems
OSTP X0027 - Intermediate Design and Inspection
OSTP X0029 - Advanced Design and Inspection
OSTP X0030 - Inspecting Onsite Systems
OSTP X0046 - Maintainer CE
OSTP X0049 - Service Provider
OSTP X0055 - Hybrid Soils CE (field)
OSTP X0055 -SOILS CE - Soils CE In-Person
OSTP X0082 - Design CE-Inspector CE Combo
OSTP X0112 -ONLINE - Installing Onsite Systems Online
OSTP X0112-IN PERSON - Installing Onsite Systems
OSTP X0415 - Maintaining Onsite Systems
OSTP X0515 - Soils
OSTP X062 - Emerging SSTS Challenges & Research Updates CE
OSTP X0E60 - 4-hour General CE - Online
OSTP X0P60 - 4-HOUR - General CE
OSTP X0P60 - 8-HOUR - General CE
OSTP X69 - Installer CE
Water Resources
Construction Installer
Design of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Site Management
Wetlands Delineation
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