Whether you’re looking to earn a degree, advance in your current profession, change careers, or simply seeking new insight, we can help you reach your goals. Flexible bachelor's and professional master's degrees, carefully crafted certificates, and myriad thought-provoking courses offered online and evenings (for academic creditprofessional development, or personal enrichment) make it convenient for you to further your education.

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APWA X001 - Public Works Management and Communication
APWA X002 - Office and Professional Skills for Public Works
APWA X003 - Public Works Operations and Maintenance
APWA X004 - Public Works Organization and Administration
APWA X005 - Technical Aspects of Public Works
CCE-TEST X001 - Course for Certificate to Test Badges
CERT X419 - Leadership Essentials for U of M Staff and Faculty
CERT X427 - Online Business Analysis Certificate - UMD
CONF X196 - Principles and Applications of Genetics and Genomics to Improve Animal Health
DOMN X002 - Problem Solving and Decision Making
ENGR X517 - Schools & Large Buildings Mitigation Advanced Course - Illinois - February, 2017
ENGR X518 - Radon Resistant New Construction Advanced Certification - Illinois - February, 2017
ENGR X520 - The Construction Industry Through Time and Tomorrow
ENGR X521 - New Soil Gas Mitigation Standard Advanced Course - Iowa - February, 2017
ENGR X522 - Radon Resistant New Construction Advanced Certification - Iowa - February, 2017
ENGR X524 - Advanced Diagnostics/Optimal Mitigation Advanced Course
ENGR X525 - Radon Resistant New Construction Advanced Certification - Ohio - February, 2017
ENGR X527 - Radon Resistant New Construction Advanced Certification - Minnesota - April 2017
ENGR X528 - Radon Resistant New Construction Advanced Certification - Wisconsin - March, 2017
ENGR X530 - MnDOT's Minnesota Snowplow and Safety Simulator Training for Local Agency Personnel
ENGR X531 - 2019 Bridge Safety Inspection Refresher Training Seminars
ENGR X532 - Extending Pavement Life through Pavement Preservation Techniques, Strategies, and Preventative Maintenance
MGMT X038 - Leading Change in Private Colleges
MGMT X039 - Private Colleges as Formal Organizations
MGMT X042 - Personal Leadership and the Private College – OLPD 5332
MGMT X043 - The Entrepreneurial Private College – OLPD 5845
MGMT X044 - Tax Law Update Webinar
MNDT X019 - Communicating Across Cultures
MNDT X021 - Delegate to Enhance Performance
NR X034 - Installation and Management of Roadside Turfgrasses
OHR X005 - Leadership Essentials
PCBR X002 - Developing Others through Coaching
STRL X001 - Possible Ticking Time Bombs
STRL X002 - The Winona Bridge Rehabilitation – A Tale of History, Collaboration, and Internal Redundancy
STRL X003 - Delegated Design
STRL X004 - Failures: Some Fatal, All Embarrassing, and Most Preventable
STRL X005 - A Perspective of Masonry’s Spectrum
STRL X006 - Wind Design with ASCE 7-16 and IBC 2018
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