BEFT X101 - Building Effective Teams
BIMP X101 - Building Influence and Managing Performance
BSAC X101 - Basics of Finance & Strategy
BZWR X101 - Business Writing
CMCN X101 - Interpersonal Communication and Conflict
CMKT X101 - Content Marketing (OMCP® eligible)
DACP X101 - Digital Analytics & Conversion Professional (OMCP® Certification Preparatory)
FERE X101 - Fundamentals of Engineering Review Course
FFLL X101 - Foundations of Leadership
HDCN X101 - Handling Difficult Conversations
HMME X101 - How to Manage Meetings Effectively
HTRE X101 - Hiring the Right Employees
IMFM X101 - Internet Marketing Fundamentals
LPOC X101 - Landing Page Optimization & Conversion Practitioner (OMCP® Eligible)
MMAR X101 - Mobile Marketing (OMCP® eligible)
PMBA X210 - (PMBA 2100) Fundamentals of Accounting
PMBA X220 - (PMBA 2200) Fundamentals of Economics
PMBA X230 - (PMBA 2300) Fundamentals of Operations Management
PMBA X240 - (PMBA 2400) Fundamentals of Organizational Management
PMBA X250 - (PMBA 2500) Fundamentals of Applied Statistics
PMBA X260 - (PMBA 2600) Fundamentals of Financial Management
PMBA X270 - (PMBA 2700) Fundamentals of Marketing
PMBA X280 - (PMBA 2800) Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
PMTE X101 - Project Management Essentials
PPCM X101 - Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing (OMCP® eligible)
PSPK X101 - Public Speaking
PSPR X101 - Paid Search Professional (OMCP® Certification Preparatory)
SEOP X101 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (OMCP® eligible)
SMDP X101 - Social Media Practitioner (OMCP® Eligible)
SMIC X101 - An Overview of Sustainable Management
SMIC X102 - Corporate Social Responsibility
SMIC X103 - Measuring Sustainable Management Performance
SMIC X104 - Sustainable Management: Leadership Ethics
SMIC X105 - Triple Bottom Line Accounting
SMMP X101 - Social Media & Mobile Marketing Professional (OMCP® Certification Preparatory)
SMPR X101 - Search Marketing Professional (OMCP® Certification Preparatory)
SPEV X101 - Succession Planning: Ensuring the Viability of Your Business
WBAN X101 - Web Analytics (OMCP® eligible)
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