Understand complex systems and chaos, how they manifest in your organization, and learn to develop strategies for managing stress and minimizing risk due to this chaos.


Get your personal life and projects under control

Many project managers struggle with the complexities of their organization and their lives in general. Often, the individual finds himself or herself working harder and harder, but getting less accomplished towards project objectives.

What causes this seemingly "hamster in a wheel"-like behavior? As you will learn in this course, the fundamental cause of this inefficiency is chaos inherent within the organization. This course will introduce the student to chaos theory, complex systems, and the emergent behavior of the organization. You will also develop strategies for managing stress and minimizing risk in a chaotic environment.

Following this course you will be able to:

  • Understand complex systems and chaos and how they manifest in your organization
  • Recognize emergent behavior in the organization
  • Identify where and when chaos is likely to occur
  • Develop risk mitigation schemes for your work
  • Manage your work and life within the chaotic environment
  • Recognize and avoid common problems caused by chaos


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Project Management and Chaos Theory
9:00AM to 4:00PM
May 08, 2020
Twin Cities
Continuing Education & Conference Center
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