Certificates and Bundles training provides a structured environment in which to explore setting up and managing a certificate program. DORS X201.1 (Creating Courses and Sections) and DORS X201.2 (Course Administration) are prerequisite courses to creating certificates and bundles. DORS X301 (Enrollment Manager) is required for managing learner enrollment in certificates.


In this course, you will:

  • Understand the use cases for certificates and bundles
  • Create a certificate with multiple streams
  • Build a bundle
  • Enroll learners in certificates and bundles via Staff View
  • Award completed certificates
  • Drop learners from certificates and refund bundle purchases

Data Usage Agreement

Attending this course gives you access to the Destiny One Registration System test instance and you agree to the following regarding the responsible and appropriate uses of the data.

  1. Destiny One data shall be used as required for the performance of your job function, not for personal gain, or other inappropriate purposes.
  2. Destiny One data shall be used only in the performance of designated roles within the program office and/or costing unit in which you are assigned.
  3. Each individual with access to Destiny One data has the responsibility to use the data appropriately. Individuals will be held responsible for misuse of Destiny data associated to their user IDs and password.
  4. Willful misuse of data, or the violation of rules with regard to University data policy can result in termination of access privileges.
  5. Destiny users with access to system data will do so only for purposes of evaluating the effectiveness of their program office's educational offerings, marketing efforts, to monitor student enrollment progress in your respective unit offerings, and for reporting in ways that serve program administration, faculty and/or facilitators.
  6. Destiny users may analyze data results in ways that enable thoughtful, responsible comparisons of curriculum offered within your respective unit.
  7. Destiny user will not use student enrollment data for the purpose of poaching business from other colleges or units.
  8. Destiny users will abide by all PCI Compliance requirements as per the Merchant Account Manager operating procedures. Failure to comply will result in the loss of system access.
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