Biospecimens are macromolecules (DNA, proteins, enzymes, etc.), cells, tissues, and bodily fluids that are used for diagnostic, therapeutic, and epidemiologic purposes. Collection and storage of biospecimens have gained such prominence that biobanking was featured in the March 12th, 2009 issue of the Time Magazine as one of the “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now: What’s Next 2009”. National biorepositories have been established in Britain, Canada, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Luxembourg whereas there is yet no national biorepository in the US.  Biospecimens are typically collected and one location and most often used later in another  location.  The ability to maintain the critical biological characteristics of the biospecimen during transit and storage is critical to its use.


This course is designed to present an overview of the scientific basis for the field of preservation by experts in the field. Participants in the course will be introduced to the fundamentals of preservation, protocol development, other modes of preservation (liquid storage, dessication), repository design, documentation and validation of preservation protocols and regulatory issues.

Key Benefits

Now in its tenth year, participants for this course have come from literally all over the globe. Attendees of the course have come from industry (biotechnology, biobanking, cell therapy,regenerative medicine, etc), academia/non-profits (universities, hospitals, etc.), and government agencies. For those participants new to preservation, the course is an important overview to fundamentals of preservation and an efficient introduction to critical issues in preservation protocol development. For those experienced in preservation, this course describes emerging technologies.


“I very much found this course informative and in some ways inspiring. Now I just have to convince my colleagues that what I have learned here is just as important.”

“Overall an excellent course that I would recommend to both new and seasoned people!  Thank you for the opportunity!!”

“The knowledge behind the theory of cryopreservation and the basic science of freezing has been monumental in helping me have a better understanding and appreciation for what I currently do and where I hope to improve on current processes.”

“I have already highly recommended it to several colleagues of mine. Everyone who presented was incredibly knowledgeable and able to present his or her knowledge in a way the regardless of your current background could be understood or applied. WOW”

“The course was very informative (as a review and for new applications).”


Topics are presented through lectures accompanied by an extensive set of course notes and a CD-ROM. Course lectures are supplemented with discussion sessions, case studies on protocol development and practical demonstrations.

Offerings: This course is offered annually in Minneapolis.

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