This module is designed for general education teachers, EL teachers, and special education teachers. You will learn about accessibility features, how to use them in class and on tests, and how to tell whether they are working. You will do this by working your way through an educational adventure.

How to Gain Access to the Module

The DIAMOND module is hosted by the University of Minnesota CANVAS course system. It requires you to register by following a few simple steps. The steps to do this are simple and there is NO COST for this module.

  1. Click the + in the brown box to the right of this text.
  2. Click the Add to Cart button.
  3. Click the Checkout button in the pop-up box.
  4. Click the Checkout button.
  5. If you have a University of Minnesota internet account, log in with those credentials, otherwise click the Continue button under the I'm new to the University heading.
  6. Enter the information on the form and click Submit.
  7. The course is added to your list of current courses.
  8. Click the " Click here to access the DIAMOND Professional Development Course " to the Canvas page.
  9. From there, you can take the course by clicking the eLearning Course item from the menu.

The Menu also contains related resources that are available to you by clicking them.

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DIAMOND - Making Accessibility Decisions for Everyone
Online, self paced
Jun 03, 2019 to Jun 04, 2029
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