Join dragonfly researcher and educator Ami Thompson for this unique and engaging learning experience! This four-hour workshop includes a bit of background knowledge, a lot of hands-on exploration, and access to an electronic copy of her beautifully illustrated Dragonfly Curriculum Guide (complete with 17 classroom activities!). You'll also get to spend time exploring and collecting data at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, a world-renowned ecological field station.

Educators and naturalists of all types will learn how to use dragonflies to teach the practices of science, connect to crosscutting concepts, and dive deeply into disciplinary core ideas of the Next Generation Science Standards (and Minnesota’s Science Standards). Dragonflies are the charismatic face to this experience but the heart is strengthening educator skill in teaching the processes of science!


The Dragonfly Workshop includes:

  • Outdoor hands-on field time capturing and examining as many dragonflies as we can catch
  • Dragonfly life history 101
  • Techniques for dragon and damselfly ID
  • Practice using dragonfly classroom activities  
  • A full-color electronic version of the Dragonfly Curriculum Guide, including 17 activities
  • Four CEUs
  • Connections to all of the NGSS Scientific Practices: asking questions, using models, investigating, computational thinking, constructing explanations, argumentation, and communication


Quotes from previous participants:

“I think this is the BEST training, related to science, I have ever received.”

“Fun. Organized. Professional. Great takeaways. Good Knowledge of the Science! Thank you!!”

“Really well prepared workshop and you get a lot for your money. Tons of free resources materials and activities. We were always moving and learning something new, never bored!”


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Dragonfly Educator Workshop
8:30AM to 12:30PM
Jul 30, 2019
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