This six-week, mobile-platform based foundational program helps physicians to build the skills to cultivate their own personal wellbeing and resilience. Burnout is a critical issue among physicians. Those experiencing burnout are more likely to develop alcohol abuse/dependence, and are at an increased risk of developing depression and suicidal ideation. The program was developed with input from health care leaders and can be accessed anytime, anywhere - while going for a run, on the commute to work, or while relaxing at home.

Topics include:

  • Surviving the Challenges of the Healthcare Environment

  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing

  • Lifestyle Change: How to Get Unstuck

  • Working with Thoughts and Emotions

  • Discovering Purpose, Meaning and Joy

  • Relationships and Resilience

Weekly Activities

Each week's activities will take you about 45 minutes to complete:

  • Listen to an interview with an expert

  • Learn easy strategies to try on the job

  • Develop skills that will become second nature over time

  • Review key points 

In addition, each week we will provide PDFs of material you can save or print for future use, along with other interesting resources to pursue if you are interested.

Sliding Scale Pricing

The Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing is deeply committed to the wellbeing and flourishing of all communities. In order to make our programming accessible to a broader audience, we have implemented a sliding scale fee structure.

The suggested registration fee for this program is $75. We also offer a scholarship rate of $50 and a supporter rate of $99 for those who would like to contribute toward making this programming accessible to all.

We do not want cost to be a barrier to participating in our programming. If you are not able to pay one of the listed registration fees, you are able to take the program at no cost.

University of Minnesota Retirees Association members and University of Minnesota Alumni Association members can receive a 10% discount on the suggested registration fee by selecting the appropriate fee at checkout. 

About the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing

Wellbeing & Resilience for Physicians is offered through the University of Minnesota's Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing. The Center's mission is to enrich health and wellbeing by providing exemplary education, conducting rigorous research, advancing integrative models of care, and delivering innovative solutions to organizations and communities. The Center defines spirituality in the context of purpose, meaning, and connectedness, and has no religious affiliation.


If you have questions regarding the Wellbeing & Resilience for Physicians program, please contact the Bakken Center's community relations office (mindprg@umn.edu) for more information.

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