This 20-hour distributive refresher meets or exceeds the NREMT NCCP 2016 curriculum requirements. As the NREMT has eliminated distributive education requirements, this course is offered as distributive in its entirety. If you are need need or desire EMT skills practice/verification, look for UEMS X1550, EMT Refresher Skills or contact UMEMS at umems@umn.edu.


The course follows the 2016 National Continued Competency Program requirements and includes all 20 hours of the National Component:

Airway/Respiration/Ventilation: 1.5 Hours



Cardiovascular: 6 Hours

Post-Resuscitation Care

Ventricular Assist Devices


Cardiac Arrest

Pediatric Cardiac Arrest

Trauma: 1.5 Hours

Trauma Triage

Central Nervous System (CNS) Injury

Hemorrhage Control

Medical: 6 Hours

Special Healthcare Needs

OB Emergencies

Infectious Diseases

Pain Management

Psychiatric and Behavioral Emergencies

Toxicological Emergencies – Opioids

Neurological Emergencies – Seizures

Endocrine Emergencies – Diabetes

Immunological Emergencies

Operations: 5 Hours

At-Risk Populations

Ambulance Safety

Field Triage—Disasters/MCIs

EMS Provider Hygiene, Safety, and Vaccinations

EMS Culture of Safety

Pediatric Transport

Crew Resource Management

EMS Research

Evidence Based Guidelines

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Section Title
EMT NCCP Refresher- 20 hours
Online, self paced
Dec 20, 2023 to Jun 30, 2024
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Tuition $150.00
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This EMT Refresher meets or exceeds the 20-hour National Component Requirements for National Registry of EMT renewal. In accordance with the NREMT's policy change allowing 100% distributive education, this course is offered in an entirely self-paced format. If you wish to complete a skill validation session as well, please contact UMEMS.

NOTE: If you are recertifying in 2025, this course may not be applicable. The NREMT will be releasing a new 20-hour NCCP refresher curriculum by fall of 2024. If you recertify in 2025, please wait to complete your refresher until no earlier than October 2024. Ensure any NCCP refresher course is approved for the 2025 cycle.

If you have questions, please contact UMEMS at UMEMS@umn.edu

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