Gain creativity-related knowledge, skills, and competencies, critical to developing your entrepreneurial mindset.


The curriculum helps high school and college-aged students in their journey to developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Students understand the factors that inhibit creativity such as cultural, environmental, and perceptual blocks, through the experiential learning cycles. Participants get acquainted with the materials, apply creative thinking by performing activities in the virtual and physical world, and finally examine and reflect on their actions in instructor-led sessions. The learning environment is gamified, with engaging activities in the 3D virtual world as well as some that are place-based at home.


  • Diagnose personal creative capabilities by performing activities in the virtual and physical world
  • Learn through practice and reflection the blocks that inhibit creativity
  • Develop self-directed learning capabilities
  • Make cross-cultural connections

Key Benefits

Begin your journey to developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Start seeing problems as opportunities, develop a willingness to take risks, be creative and innovative, flexible and adaptable, and learn to accept failures. The World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Entrepreneurship in its 2019 report emphasizes the need for developing an entrepreneurial mindset among the younger generation and the future workforce.



  • Creative thinking
  • A propensity to take actions when faced with problems 
  • Reflective capabilities
  • Openness to diverse experiences
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