The overarching goal for this course is to learn the central concepts of quality Technical Writing. We will apply those skills to Standard Operating Procedures. There are certainly more forms of technical writing and we hope you will see how the central concepts can apply to those other forms.


  • Course participants will identify the Purpose, Scope, and Audience for technical documents.
  • Course participants will peer review and provide feedback for technical documents.
  • Course participants will write technical documents that reduce human error, are FDA compliant, and focus on reader comprehension.

Key Benefits

This course will address the foundational concepts of Technical Writing. This is not an expert level course, but will be useful for all who write SOPs. 

At the end of this Technical Writing Course participants will be able to identify and correct common issues in Technical Writing. Participants will practice writing, delivering constructive feedback, and editing SOPs. Additionally, participants will develop a sense of community and team with members of their department and between departments. In the end, participants will be able to write in a way that ensures FDA compliance, reduces the possibility of human error, and upholds Takeda’s standards.

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