Let’s talk about how we can leverage all interactive classroom activities for deeper content learning and interpersonal and intercultural development. In this webinar, we will share considerations, strategies, scripts and tools (including a student handout you can adapt) that can help you and your students realize the full potential of classroom interactions. When you facilitate student interactions around content area learning objectives, students are not only engaging with content, they are also engaging with each other. This affords them an additional learning opportunity to practice critical interpersonal and intercultural skills with intention. Naming these skills for students and providing periodic opportunities for reflection are all essential for building students’ global competence. We can’t assume students are aware of or thinking about these competencies. Just as with subject-area learning outcomes, we need to actively and intentionally facilitate this learning.

Target Audience: The primary audience for this workshop and webinar is faculty, instructors (including teaching assistants), and instructional staff who directly support teaching and learning. Those who are teaching or actively supporting the classroom experience this academic year will benefit the most, as we will be focusing on teaching practices and the ways that participants can apply these practices in their current teaching.

This webinar falls under the following themes:

  • Theoretical foundations: Teaching in globally diverse classes
  • Support for group work: Supporting long-term or high stakes student groups
  • Inclusive learning communities: Integration, inclusion and community building in the classroom
  • Becoming global citizens: Deepening students’ global, international, and intercultural perspectives
  • Intercultural interaction: Developing important skills and attitudes



“I'm so glad to have a concrete framework to give students a way to think about how they engage with each other in class discussions or group work! I hadn't thought about asking them to put this into words, and I'm really glad to have a way to ask them to think about this in addition to the context we cover in my course.” 2021 participant


This webinar is part of the International Student Academic Integration (ISAI) initiative. The International Student Academic Integration initiative is funded by the International Student Academic Services Fee and offered in partnership between the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance and the Center for Educational Innovation.
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Leveraging Interactions for Intercultural Learning
Online, instructor led
10:00AM to 11:00AM
Aug 20, 2024
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