This is a fun activity that demonstrates our human tendency to gravitate to the familiar - people who look, think and act like us, as well as the limitations of this tendency. We observe this in our classrooms all the time. Students self-segregate into their same social or cultural groups, and in doing so miss out on valuable opportunities to grow their networks, broaden their perspectives, and practice intercultural skills needed in our interconnected world.

The primary audience is faculty, instructors (including teaching assistants), and instructional staff who directly support teaching and learning. Those who are teaching or actively supporting the classroom experience this academic year will benefit the most, as we will be focusing on teaching practices and the ways that participants can apply these practices in their current teaching.

This webinar falls under the following themes:

  • Support for group work: Supporting long-term or high stakes student groups
  • Inclusive learning communities: Integration, inclusion and community building in the classroom
  • Becoming global citizens: Deepening students’ global, international, and intercultural perspectives
  • Intercultural interaction: Developing important skills and attitudes
  • Supporting multilingual students: engaging & embracing linguistic diversity


[The most worthwhile aspect of this webinar was] setting aside time to consciously think with colleagues about engaging diversity in learning environments.” 2020 participant

“Fantastic! I love this idea for getting students up and moving around and engaging with peers who they might not have spoken to otherwise. Thanks for providing the PDF with the letters to cut out, that will make it a snap to do this activity in the future when in-person classes start happening again!” 2020 participant

This webinar is part of the International Student Academic Integration (ISAI) initiative. The International Student Academic Integration initiative is funded by the International Student Academic Services Fee and offered in partnership between the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance and the Center for Educational Innovation.
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Birds of a Feather, a Teaching Activities webinar
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Aug 21, 2024
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