The experience of trauma is quite common across the human lifespan with some survivors going on to develop mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Some survivors engage in maladaptive coping strategies, including overuse of substances like alcohol and other drugs. Trauma survivors are also at increased risk for a wide array of other physical and interpersonal challenges, which can exacerbate concerns associated with substance use. While research has dramatically changed our understanding of how the experience of trauma can affect development and wellness across the lifespan, many health care professionals receive little or no training on assessing for and making recommendations for treatment options when someone with a trauma history is using alcohol or other drugs.





  • Discern between definitions of trauma, substance use, and at what point a disorder has developed
  • Interpret manifestations of problems resulting from trauma exposure and/or substance use within the context of historical trauma and systemic oppression
  • Identify ways in which traumatic experiences and substance use can impact development across the lifespan
  • Describe engagement, screening, assessment, and treatment skills, strategies, and tools a practitioner may consider when a history of trauma or substance use is known
  • Evaluate evidence-based and promising interventions and coping strategies for treating problems related to trauma and substance use disorders.

Key Benefits

Attendees are eligible for 12 CEUs and 12 Clinical Clock Hours. 


This course is introductory. It is intended for early career practitioners. People practicing to directly support someone experiencing challenges or concerns as a result of substance use and/or trauma history will likely find this course beneficial. It is oriented towards those in clinical practice.

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