In this session, you will learn about and experience an activity called Describe, Analyze, Evaluate (DAE). The DAE is a framework for practicing one’s ability to ‘frame-shift," that is, to understand a situation from another’s point of view. This involves cultivating a critical skill-set and attitudes for interacting effectively across differences. Nam and Condon (2010) explain, this “exercise is intended to foster self-awareness of personal and cultural assumptions, promote the appreciation of cognitive complexity, and the importance of frame-shifting when encountering the unfamiliar” (p. 81).

The DAE can be used daily in a variety of ways by students and faculty alike- join us to learn how!


This webinar references the following article: Kyoung-Ah Nam, John Condon. The DIE is cast: The continuing evolution of intercultural communication’s favorite classroom exercise. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 34 (2010), 81–87.

This webinar falls under the following themes:

  • Theoretical foundations: Teaching in globally diverse classes
  • Becoming global citizens: Deepening students’ global, international, and intercultural perspectives
  • Intercultural interaction: Developing important skills and attitudes

This webinar is part of the International Student Academic Integration (ISAI) initiative. The International Student Academic Integration initiative is funded by the International Student Academic Services Fee and offered in partnership between the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance and the Center for Educational Innovation.
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