Have you completed 36 CE Hours in trauma-related workshops with CPT? If so, you are qualified to take the next step! 

CPT's Certificate in Fundamentals in Trauma Responsive Practice requires the following:

  1. Register for CPT X398. This gives you access to the two activities on Canvas required to complete certification:
    1. Workshop Verification Form
    2. Responses to Three Reflection Prompts

NOTE: CPT X398 is not a workshop. Registration in CPT X398 will not register you for any workshops. 

Anyone previously admitted to the now retired Certificate in Interdisciplinary Trauma Studies through the School of Social Work's Continuing Education (CE) Series is encouraged and welcome to complete this process to attain their certification. 


Participants will complete the following steps in order to receive their Certificate in Fundamentals of Trauma Responsive Practice:

  1. Complete the Workshop Verification Form.
  2. Complete responses to Three Reflection Prompts.

We strongly advise you to register in CPT X398 after you have completed 36 CE Hours in trauma related workshops. 

You will have 90 days from the date of your registration to access the Certification Canvas course and complete the required steps. Staff require up to 14 days to review your materials. Please plan your submissions accordingly.


Key Benefits

Certification demonstrates a commitment to professional development, growth, and specialization in a particular area of expertise. We encourage practitioners to update their resumés, employment records, and biographies to reflect this new credential. 

Note: Certification is not a replacement of activities required by licensing boards.


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CPT Certificate in Fundamentals of Trauma Responsive Practice
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By registering for this certificate, you are indicating you understand the following:

  1. You have completed a minimum of 36 CEs of trauma related workshops with the Center for Practice Transformation and/or the former School of Social Work's CE Series program and wish to proceed with attaining your certificate.
  2. You will be automatically enrolled and have access to the Canvas course that contains instructions on how to submit your Workshop Verification form and response to three Reflection Prompts.
  3. You will have 90 days to complete the activities included on the Online Certificate Page.
  4. By registering for this, you are not registering for a workshop. 

This registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Please contact the Center for Practice Transformation at transform@umn.edu for information about this certificate or with questions about registration.


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