The purpose of this continuing education offering is to help the nursing professional working with rural families understand the importance of adult responsibilities in assigning agricultural tasks to children. The North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks are geared toward helping parents choose jobs that are matched to the abilities of their children. The goal of the Guidelines is to reduce the level of risk for children, with the ultimate goal of preventing farm work-related injury and illness. This course will help health care providers give informed guidance to parents in making those decisions.


After completing this course material, you will be able to:

  • State the significance of the childhood injury problem.
  • Explain how a child's ability affects their potential for injury.
  • Identify two developmental stages of children, including the characteristics of children and risks related to those characteristics.
  • State the relationship between adult responsibilities and potential for injury for the working child.
  • Describe at least six farm hazards and the specific protective measures an adult can use to eliminate or minimize the hazard potential.
  • Apply three Guidelines to three specific situations.


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A Nurse's Guide to Children's Agricultural Safety
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Jul 27, 2017 to Jul 27, 2020
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