BrainU 2017: STEM, The Brain & Learning is a 72 hr teacher professional development (PD) program that conveys information about the biological mechanisms of learning and memory while modeling STEM student-centered pedagogy. Participants will learn the basics on how the brain accesses and processes information, activates attention networks, makes connections with prior learning, and applies information and memories to new situations. Emphasis on reflective practice and pedagogy used to teach this class will provide participants active learning strategies to implement in their own classrooms or workplaces, as well as providing them meaningful opportunities to deepen their understanding of the learning and teaching process. Participants will plan an Action Research project for the upcoming academic year.


1) Understand the neurobiology of learning and memory
2) Experience learning a new STEM subject as a student would
3) Reflect upon pedagogical practices in general, in STEM and in one’s specialty
4) Apply pedagogical practices modeled in the PD by revising or creating new lessons in one’s specialty.
5) Integrate ideas from STEM into one’s specialty
6) Devise an Action Research Project to evaluate the lesson changes planned during the PD


Teachers who attend the BrainU 2017 workshops will learn to
• Implement STEM student-centered pedagogies
• Provide a more authentic, deeper learning environment for students
• Increase student support, social emotional support and classroom equity
• Think critically about their pedagogy and implement change
• Translate neuroscience knowledge into effective teaching and learning strategies.

Key Benefits

Neuroscience content covered:
Construct a working knowledge of
a. Neuroanatomy
b. Neuronal communication
c. Circuit complexity
d. Biological basis of learning and memory
e. Autonomic nervous system, emotions, stress
f. Development of brain
g. Roles of the Nervous System in homeostasis


Any teacher at any grade level. Especially appropriate for teams of teachers working to integrate content and student skill development across disciplines or years of schooling.


"This is bar none the best program I’ve been part of in a long time.  With 25 years experiences and a masters plus 80 extra credits, that speaks volumes, I believe."

For more information, contact:

Janet Dubinsky,  dubin001@umn.edu

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