Driven by international calls for "Education for All" and the children's rights to education, many countries across Africa are endeavoring to educate a broader range of children in public schools than ever before. This presentation will report on some of the policy drivers of inclusive education across Africa, then focus on inclusive education efforts at the  in Lesotho, Southern Africa, by examining policy, teacher development efforts, and classroom implications for inclusive education.


  • March 7 2017  (Dr Susan Craddock--After Ebola) https://experts.umn.edu/en/persons/susan-l-craddock
  • April 4, 2017 (Dr Michael  Westerhaus and Aarti Bhatt Colonialism and Health Care in Africa)http://globalnotes.hhh.umn.edu/2012/04/mike-westerhaus-new-director-of.html
  • May 9 2017 (Dr Chris Johnstone Inclusive Education) https://experts.umn.edu/en/persons/christopher-j-johnstone
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