RentWise is a comprehensive curriculum that is intended to be taught in on-on-one or group settings to individuals that would benefit from additional education and skills to become a successful renter.

All of the resources are web-based and accessed through the RentWise Facilitator Website. This website is the “one stop shop” and contains all of the resources you need to teach the program, including the:

  • RentWise Facilitator’s Manual
  • RentWise Renter's Workbook
  • Instructions for assembling the RentWise Folder for participants
  • Handouts
  • Supplemental materials

While the entire RentWise education is six hours in length, you can pick and choose the right activities and resources to customize the education for your organization’s audiences.

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Contact Lori Hendrickson (lhend@umn.edu; 218-327-5658 ext, 3307), Sharon Powell (spowell@umn.edu), Dung Mao (maox0025@umn.edu ), or Sara Croyman (croym001@umn.edu), if you need more information on RentWise.

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