AFE X101 - Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs
AWP X400 - Advanced Webpage Design
BBWP - Beyond the Basics of Word Processing
BEFT X101 - Building Effective Teams
BIMP X101 - Building Influence and Managing Performance
BLE X101 - Business Law for Entrepreneurs
BNO X101 - Budgeting in a Nonprofit Organization
BPP - Basics of PowerPoint Presentations
BSAC X101 - Basics of Finance & Strategy
BWP - Basics of Word Processing
BZWR X101 - Business Writing
CBC X100 - Certificate in Business Communications
CC X101 - Communicating Collaboratively
CCAM X101 - Capital Campaigns
CDAC X102 - Child Development Associate (Session 1)
CDAC X103 - Child Development Associate - Home Visiting
CDAC X104 - Child Development Associate (Session 3)
CDM X100 - Certificate in Digital Marketing
CENT X100 - Certificate in Entrepreneurship
CMCN X101 - Interpersonal Communication and Conflict
CNM X100 - Certificate in Nonprofit Management
CONM X101 - Content Marketing
CPP - Customizing Your PowerPoint Presentations
CRO X101 - Conversion Rate Optimization
CSMT X101 - Certificate in Sustainable Management
DMS X101 - Digital Marketing Strategy
EBW X101 - Effective Business Writing
EEML X101 - Effective Emails, Memos, and Letters
EP X101 - Effective Presentations
EPS X101 - Effective Public Speaking
EXCEL II - Working with "IF" Statements
EXCEL III - Creating and Using Macros and Functions
EXCEL IV - Next Level Data Using Visualization and Infographics
EXCEL1 - Excel for Beginners
FERE X101 - Fundamentals of Engineering Review Course
FFLL X101 - Foundations of Leadership
FNO X101 - Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
FWP - Foundations of Webpage Design
GIS X501 - Web Mapping 101: Introduction to Spatial Analysis using ArcGIS Online
GIS X502 - Story Maps 101: Visual Storytelling with Maps
GIS X503 - Collector 101: Field Data Collection using Esri's Collector for ArcGIS
GIS X504 - ArcGIS Pro 101: Introduction to GIS using ArcGIS Pro
HTML - Get Past the Code with HTML and CSS
IENT X101 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
IGW X101 - Introduction to Grant Writing
INM X101 - Introduction to Nonprofit Management
ISM - Introduction to Social Media
LME X101 - Leadership and Management for Entrepreneurs
LNO X101 - Leadership in a Nonprofit Organization
MKA X101 - Marketing Automation
MMK X101 - Mobile Marketing
MOMP - Manage and Organize Projects with Microsoft Project
MSP - DIY Marketing with Microsoft Publisher
NBV X101 - Nonprofit Board and Volunteer Development
PMBA X210 - (PMBA 2100) Fundamentals of Accounting
PMBA X220 - (PMBA 2200) Fundamentals of Economics
PMBA X230 - (PMBA 2300) Fundamentals of Operations Management
PMBA X240 - (PMBA 2400) Fundamentals of Organizational Management
PMBA X250 - (PMBA 2500) Fundamentals of Applied Statistics
PMBA X260 - (PMBA 2600) Fundamentals of Financial Management
PMBA X270 - (PMBA 2700) Fundamentals of Marketing
PMBA X280 - (PMBA 2800) Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
PMIC X101 - PMP-1: Introduction to Project Management
PMIC X102 - PMP-2: Project Processes and Project Integration Management
PMIC X103 - PMP-3: Project Scope Management
PMIC X104 - PMP-4: Project Time Management
PMIC X105 - PMP-5: Project Cost Management
PMIC X106 - PMP-6: Project Quality Management
PMIC X107 - PMP-7: Project Human Resource Management
PMIC X108 - PMP-8: Project Communications Management
PMIC X109 - PMP-9: Project Risk Management
PMIC X110 - PMP-10: Project Procurement Management
PMIC X111 - PMP-11: Project Stakeholder Management
PMIC X112 - PMP-12: Practice Exams and Exam Strategies
PMIT X101 - Project Management for IT
PMN X101 - Principles of Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
PMTL X101 - Project Management Team Leadership
PMTP X101 - Project Management Test Preparation
PPC X101 - Paid Search (PPC)
QBDESK - QuickBooks (Desktop) - Accounting for Your Business
QBO X001 - QuickBooks (Online) - Accounting for Your Business
RNF X101 - How to Read a Nonprofit Financial Statement
SBMN - Starting a Business in MN
SEO X101 - Search Engine Optimization
SFSC MODULE 1 - Introduction to Local Food Systems in the U.S.
SFSC MODULE 2 - Sustainable Farming and Urban Agriculture
SFSC MODULE 3 - Between Farm and Table
SFSC MODULE 4 - Food Justice
SFSC MODULE 5 - Food Systems - Policy and Trends
SIGA X001 - Studies in Gambling Addiction Certificate: Counseling the Disordered Gambler - Course 1
SIGA X002 - Studies in Gambling Addiction Certificate: Counseling the Disordered Gambler - Course 2
SIGA X201 - Studies in Gambling Addiction Certificate: Counseling the Disordered Gambler
SME X101 - Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs
SMIC X101 - An Overview of Sustainable Management
SMIC X102 - Corporate Social Responsibility
SMIC X103 - Measuring Sustainable Management Performance
SMIC X104 - Sustainable Management: Leadership Ethics
SMIC X105 - Triple Bottom Line Accounting
SMM X101 - Social Media Marketing
SMN X101 - Social Media for Nonprofits
SNO X101 - Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations
SWP X300 - Selling Products on Your Webpage
TOWP - Testing and Organizing Your Webpage
WAN X101 - Web Analytics
WBP - Writing a Business Plan
WMTC X101 - Working with Minnesota's Tribal Communities
Cultural Courses
Risk Management Training