Courses related to food and agriculture offered through the College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences  (CFANS).  Additional courses in these areas may be found under the Extension program.


EXT XAF.0062 - AIS Management 101
EXT XAF.0065 - AIS Detectors Core Course - Itasca Waters
EXT XAG.0012 - Growing Cold Climate Grapes: 2024 Vineyard Management
EXT XAG.0022 - Cover Crop Academy
EXT XAR.0013 - Growing Fruit in Minnesota
EXT XAR.0014 - Introduction to Soils, Compost and Fertilizer
EXT XAR.0015 - Introduction to Botany and Horticulture
EXT XAR.0017 - Food Preservation Consultants for Master Gardener Volunteers
EXT XAR.0018 - 2024 Horticulture Core Course for Master Gardener Volunteers
EXT XAR.0019 - 2024 ProHort Core Course
EXT XAR.0020 - Nature Heals Modified for NY Master Gardeners
EXT XAR.0023 - Climate-Ready Gardening
EXT XFO.0063 - AIS Detectors Core Course
GIS X601 - UAS Training
OSTP X0010 -ONLINE - Introduction to Onsite Systems Online
OSTP X0010-IN PERSON - Introduction to Onsite Systems
OSTP X0020 - Basic Design of Onsite Systems
OSTP X0027 - Intermediate Design and Inspection
OSTP X0029 - Advanced Design and Inspection
OSTP X0030 - Inspecting Onsite Systems
OSTP X0046 - Maintainer CE
OSTP X0049 - Service Provider
OSTP X0055 - Hybrid Soils CE (field)
OSTP X0055 -SOILS CE - Soils CE In-Person
OSTP X0082 - Design CE-Inspector CE Combo
OSTP X0112 -ONLINE - Installing Onsite Systems Online
OSTP X0112-IN PERSON - Installing Onsite Systems
OSTP X0415 - Maintaining Onsite Systems
OSTP X0515 - Soils
OSTP X0P60 - 8-HOUR - General CE
Cloquet Forestry Center
Department of Entomology
Farm Financial Management
Food Science & Nutrition
MN Certified Tree Inspector
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