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PUBH X703 - Bites, Mites and Plights: Applied Epidemiology of Zoonotic and Vectorborne Diseases
PUBH X709 - Global Food Systems: Dairy
PUBH X711 - Globalization and Health
PUBH X715 - Introduction to GIS
PUBH X719 - Neglected Tropical Diseases and One Health
PUBH X723 - Principles of Risk Communication
PUBH X727 - Public Health Law
PUBH X729 - Qualitative Data Analysis
PUBH X731 - Surveillance of Foodborne Pathogens in Humans
PUBH X732 - Surveillance of Zoonotic Pathogens in Animals
PUBH X733 - Topics in Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis
PUBH X740 - Incident Command Systems: The Public Health Role
PUBH X760 - Data Visualization in R
PUBH X762 - Moving from Harm to Prevention in Child Protection: Community Based Approaches
PUBH X763 - Unique Public Health Aspects of Asian Health: Data Collection Through Program Implementation
PUBH X775 - LGBTQ Health & Policy
PUBH X785 - In the Weeds - The Regulatory History and Future of Cannabis in Public Health
PUBH X786 - Global Food Systems: Animal Feed and Pet Foods
PUBH X789 - A Multidisciplinary Overview of Aging
PUBH X790 - Environmental Justice, Policy and Practice
PUBH X793 - Providing Mental Health Support to Rural Communities
PUBH X798 - American Indian Health and Wellness
PUBH X908 - Mass Media, Public Opinion, and the Politics of Public Health
PUBH X909 - Prediction and Machine Learning for Public Health
PUBH X914 - Field Epidemiology
PUBH X915 - Racism and the Pursuit of Health Equity: Moving from Colorblind to Race-Conscious Policies and Practices
PUBH X916 - Systems Thinking to Support the One Health Approach
PUBH X917 - Decoding Data for Public Health Professionals
PUBH X918 - Three Pillars of Food Protection: Food Safety, Food Defense and Food Fraud
PUBH X919 - Concepts in Disaster Behavioral Health
PUBH X920 - Fungi "Magic": An Exploration of Historic and Current Roles of Mushrooms
PUBH X921 - Best Practices in Emergency Response
PUBH X922 - Building Partnerships in and with Communities to Improve Health and Well-Being Outcomes
PUBH X923 - Enhancing Aquatic Ecosystem Health to Promote One Health