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PUBH X707 - Food Safety and Defense in the Context of Global Food Security
PUBH X708 - Global Food Systems: Bees
PUBH X711 - Globalization and Health
PUBH X714 - Insects and Human Disease Impacts on Global Health: Medical Entomology for the Public Health Professional
PUBH X715 - Introduction to GIS
PUBH X717 - Minimizing Transmission of Infectious Diseases During Outbreaks: Public Health Protection for You and Your Workforce
PUBH X718 - Motivational Interviewing: Strategies to Effect Behavioral Change
PUBH X720 - The "Other" Public Health System in the United States: Understanding American Indian Health Policy
PUBH X723 - Principles of Risk Communication
PUBH X727 - Public Health Law
PUBH X729 - Qualitative Data Analysis: Strategically Eliciting the Meanings in Qualitative Data to Inform, Advocate, Intervene and Evaluate
PUBH X732 - Surveillance of Zoonotic Pathogens in Animals
PUBH X733 - Topics in Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis
PUBH X740 - Incident Management Systems: The Public Health Role
PUBH X745 - Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Programs
PUBH X749 - Parental Incarceration and Child Welfare
PUBH X750 - Community Engagement: Skills in Relationship Building
PUBH X751 - Eat, Pray, Regulate: An Analysis of the Current Food Regulatory System
PUBH X760 - Fundamentals of Data Exploration and Visualization in R
PUBH X762 - Child Welfare as a Public Health Issue
PUBH X770 - Sexual Violence in the #MeToo Era: Prevention, Practice and Policy
PUBH X771 - Epidemiology of Foodborne Pathogens
PUBH X772 - Food Matters: Cook Like Your Life Depends on it
PUBH X773 - Maps, Models, and Networks: Demystifying the Jargon Around Infectious Disease Epidemiology
PUBH X774 - Public Health Program Management on an International Setting
PUBH X775 - LGBTQ Health and Policy
PUBH X776 - One Health Concept Revisited
PUBH X777 - Critical Thinking in Food Safety, Security and Sustainability
PUBH X778 - Emerging and Re-Emerging Global Infectious Disease
PUBH X779 - Climate Change and Public Health
PUBH X780 - Global Food Systems Policy, Governance, and Regulation
PUBH X781 - War and Public Health
PUBH X782 - Global Food Systems: Fermented Foods