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PUBH X715 - Introduction to GIS
PUBH X718 - Motivational Interviewing: Strategies to Effect Behavioral Change
PUBH X721 - Planning for Urgent Threats
PUBH X723 - Principles of Risk Communication
PUBH X727 - Public Health Law
PUBH X732 - Surveillance of Zoonotic Pathogens in Animals
PUBH X760 - Data Visualization in R
PUBH X763 - Unique Public Health Aspects of Asian Health: Data Collection Through Program Implementation
PUBH X771 - Epidemiology of Foodborne Pathogens
PUBH X784 - Children and Families: Public Health Policy and Advocacy
PUBH X785 - In the Weeds - The Regulatory History and Future of Cannabis in Public Health
PUBH X790 - Environmental Justice, Policy and Practice
PUBH X793 - Providing Mental Health Support to Rural Communities
PUBH X798 - American Indian Health and Wellness
PUBH X914 - Field Epidemiology
PUBH X915 - Racism and the Pursuit of Health Equity: Moving from Colorblind to Race-Conscious Policies and Practices
PUBH X916 - Systems Thinking to Support the One Health Approach
PUBH X919 - Concepts in Disaster Behavioral Health
PUBH X920 - Fungi "Magic": An Exploration of Historic and Current Roles of Mushrooms
PUBH X924 - 13 Years After the Enactment of FSMA: Can We Say That Food is Safer?
PUBH X925 - Walking Through Fire: Crisis Leadership
PUBH X926 - Global Food Systems: Foraging and Indigenous Foods
PUBH X927 - Mycelial Leadership: Trauma-Informed Approaches for Thriving Team Ecosystems
PUBH X928 - Reproductive Justice: A Primer
PUBH X929 - Global Food Systems: Adult Beverages
PUBH X930 - A Public Health Approach to Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
PUBH X931 - Democratizing Public Health Through Radical Participation
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