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PUBH X700 - Apps, Maps, & Google: Using Technology-based Tools to Advance Public Health Research and Practice
PUBH X702 - Biostatistical Methods in Translational and Clinical Research
PUBH X703 - Bites, Mites, and Plights: Applied Epidemiology of Zoonotic and Vectorborne Diseases
PUBH X707 - Food Safety and Defense in the Context of Global Food Security
PUBH X710 - Global Public Health Systems in Developing Countries
PUBH X711 - Globalization and Health
PUBH X715 - Introduction to GIS
PUBH X718 - Motivational Interviewing: Strategies to Effect Behavioral Change
PUBH X721 - Planning for Urgent Threats
PUBH X723 - Principles of Risk Communication
PUBH X727 - Public Health Law
PUBH X729 - Qualitative Data Analysis: Strategically Eliciting the Meanings in Qualitative Data to Inform, Advocate, Intervene and Evaluate
PUBH X731 - Surveillance of Foodborne Pathogens in Humans
PUBH X732 - Surveillance of Zoonotic Pathogens in Animals
PUBH X736 - What's Cooking: An Exploration of Food, Culture and Health in America Today
PUBH X739 - Antibiotic Resistance, Use and Stewardship: Theory to Practice
PUBH X749 - Parental Incarceration and Child Welfare
PUBH X750 - Community Engagement: Skills in Relationship Building
PUBH X753 - Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership in Public Health
PUBH X756 - The Petting Zoo Problem: Zoonotic Disease Outbreaks Associated with Animal contact at Public Venues: Occurrence, Prevention, and Challenges
PUBH X757 - Public Health and Justice
PUBH X758 - Matchmaking in Public Health: Intentional Integration Across Research, Clinical Practice, Community and Policy
PUBH X760 - Exploring and Visualizing Data in R
PUBH X761 - Refugee Health: Trauma, Stress, and Coping
PUBH X762 - Child Welfare as a Public Health Issue
PUBH X764 - Evidence-Informed Medicine: Interpreting the Evidence to Assist Individual Healthcare Decisions
PUBH X765 - Risk-based Tools in Animal Health and Food Safety
PUBH X766 - Born a Girl: Global Women's Health
PUBH X767 - Applied Critical Thinking in the Workforce
PUBH X768 - Global Food Systems: Milling & Flour
PUBH X769 - Global Food Systems: Urban Agriculture