The Center for Transportation Studies solves old transportation problems in innovative new ways. It convenes diverse communities to brainstorm, debate, share, learn, and act. And it partners with local and global transportation professionals, stakeholders, businesses, and leaders to move new ideas from research to reality.

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ATAP X001 - AirTAP Fall Fly-Around
ATAP X100 - Airports 101
ATAP X200 - Wildlife Hazard Control Workshop
ATAP X300 - Aviation Navigation Systems - Maintenance & Certification Seminar
ATAP X400 - Airport Economic Impact Study: Methodology and Calculator Training
CTS X001 - Design and Operations of Separated Bike Lanes and Protected Intersections
CTSS X100 - ADA Training: Understanding Requirements and Developing a Transition Plan
CTSS X110 - ADA Training: Accessible Design in the Public Right-of-Way
CTSS X120 - ADA Training for Local Agencies: Construction
CTSS X130 - Fundamentals of Construction Inspection
CTSS X140 - MnDOT Geometric Design Institute
CTSS X145 - MnDOT Preliminary Layout Geometric Design
CTSS X150 - Culvert Design for Stream Connectivity and Aquatic Organism Passage
CTSS X200 - Professional Ethics: Dilemmas and Solutions
CTSS X300 - MnDOT Geometric Design Training Series
LTAP X100 - Transitioning Into Leadership: Essential Skills for New Supervisors
LTAP X110 - Management Operations and Maintenance Fundamentals
LTAP X120 - Writing that Works! Communications Skills for Construction
LTAP X130 - Administration and Management Basics
LTAP X200 - Best Practices: Corridor Management/Maintenance of Paved Recreational Trails
LTAP X300 - Current Practices for Lightly Surfaced Roads
LTAP X310 - Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation: Products, Processes, and Strategies
LTAP X320 - Work Zone Traffic Control Seminar
LTAP X400 - Introduction to AutoCAD Skills and Civil Plan Development
LTAP X401 - Introduction to Civil 3D Practical Application
LTAP X500 - Culvert Installation and Maintenance for Local Agencies (Online)
LTAP X501 - Sign Maintenance and Management Training for Local Agencies (Online)
LTAP X502 - Gravel Road Maintenance and Design (Online)
LTAP X503 - Work Zone Safety Orientation
LTAP X504 - Communicating with the Public for Field Staff
LTAP X505 - Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP) for Local and Tribal Locations (FHWA)
LTAP X506 - Gravel Roads Construction and Maintenance (FHWA)
LTAP X507 - Condition Assessment of Gravel Roads for Local Agencies and Tribes (FHWA)
LTAP X508 - Strategies for Effective Management of Gravel Roads for Local Agencies and Tribes (FHWA)
LTAP X509 - Bridge Maintenance for Local Agencies and Tribes (FHWA)
LTAP X510 - Elevation and Grade Instruments and Use for Local Agencies and Tribes (FHWA)
LTAP X511 - Installation and Maintenance of Erosion Control Devices for Local Agencies and Tribes (FHWA)
LTAP X512 - Pipe Installation and Maintenance for Local Agencies and Tribes (FHWA)
LTAP X513 - Soils and Foundations for Local Agencies and Tribes (FHWA)
LTAP X514 - Fundamentals of Targeted Overlay Pavement Solutions (TOPS) for Local Agencies and Tribes (FHWA)
LTAP X515 - Asphalt Materials and Paving Mixtures for Local Agencies and Tribes (FHWA)
LTAP X516 - Motor Grader Operator (FHWA)
LTAP X517 - Introduction to Surveying and Leveling
LTAP X518 - Introduction to Angles and Mapping
LTAP X519 - Introduction to Construction Staking
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