The Graduate School offers a wide selection of academic and professional workshops to prepare students for careers in and out of the academy after graduation.

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GRAD X 145 - Improving Oral Communication: Listening Strategies & Fluency Building
GRAD X100 - "Crush your Presentation" in Two Parts!
GRAD X101 - Publishing 101
GRAD X109 - First-Generation Fall Panel: Navigating Academia and Building Relationships with Faculty, Staff, and Peers
GRAD X110 - Taking Ownership of Your Graduate Journey
GRAD X111 - Nobody Told Me That! Seeing Your Strengths and Navigating Graduate School
GRAD X112 - Grad InterCom Welcome Event
GRAD X115 - From Surviving to Thriving: Self-care, Balance, and Mental Health for Graduate Students and Postdocs
GRAD X116 - Grad InterCom: Spring Social
GRAD X117 - First-Generation Networking Event
GRAD X120 - Writing the Cover Letter for the Academic Job Search
GRAD X123 - Proactive Planning: Getting More than the Degree
GRAD X125 - “Maybe you misunderstood what I was saying": Learning the Unwritten Rules of English Communication
GRAD X126 - Small Talk for Networking and Professional Contexts
GRAD X127 - Giving Presentations (for International Graduate Students and International Postdocs)
GRAD X130 - Writing the Teaching Philosophy for the Academic Job Market
GRAD X135 - Developing Effective Reading Strategies
GRAD X140 - Effective Interviewing for Academic Jobs
GRAD X141 - Preparing for the Campus Visit
GRAD X150 - Academic Job Search: Tools, Tips and Strategies
GRAD X151 - Academic Job Search Panel: Pre-application
GRAD X152 - Academic Job Search Panel: Post-application
GRAD X155 - Writing the Diversity Statement for Job Applications
GRAD X159 - Getting the Most Out of Co-Authorship
GRAD X160 - Create Your Own Website
GRAD X161 - Introduction to Data Visualization
GRAD X165 - Introduction to Civic Engagement
GRAD X166 - Civic Engagement: Leading Change in Community
GRAD X169 - Exploring Identities & Embracing Challenging Conversations
GRAD X170 - Institutional Review Board (IRB) Basics
GRAD X180 - Financial Wellness for Graduate Students
GRAD X183 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
GRAD X185 - All about Taxes for Students with Fellowships
GRAD X190 - Getting Started with External Funding: A Workshop for Graduate Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences
GRAD X191 - Generative AI for Research
GRAD X210 - Writing Fundable Grant Proposals in the Humanities and Social Sciences
GRAD X220 - Writing Fundable Grant Proposals in the Sciences and Engineering
GRAD X230 - Know Your Rights When Writing
GRAD X235 - Instructional Design as a Transferable Skill
GRAD X240 - Copyright in Classes
GRAD X250 - Managing the Dissertation Writing Process in the Humanities and Social Sciences
GRAD X255 - “Help! I passed my prelims; now what?": A workshop for PhD students in the Humanities and Social Sciences
GRAD X300 - Careers Beyond Academia: Career Exploration and Research
GRAD X301 - Careers Beyond Academia: Resumes and Cover Letters
GRAD X350 - 3-Minute Thesis Competition
GRAD X380 - Leading Across Sectors and Professions for Collective Impact
GRAD X400 - Cross Cultural Leadership
GRAD X600 - The Individual Development Plan (IDP) - A Tool for Effective Advising and Mentoring
GRAD X800 - Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering (CASE) Workshop
ISCE X022 - Inclusive Science Communication and Engagement Workshop Series
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