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CDCC X002 - Co-Occurring Disorders Skills Practice Workshop
CDCC X004 - Co-Occurring Disorders Work Samples Rating
CDCC X005 - Co-Occurring Disorders Work Sample Narrative Report
CPT X0050 - Introduction to Enhanced Illness Management and Recovery
CPT X100 - Writing Your Best DA: Staying Ethical, Efficient, and Compliant
CPT X1000 - Enhanced Illness Management & Recovery (E-IMR): Foundations
CPT X1001 - Introduction to Enhanced Illness Management and Recovery
CPT X1050 - Enhanced Illness Management and Recovery (E-IMR) Foundations Asynchronous
CPT X1100 - Foundations in Enhanced Illness Management & Recovery (E-IMR)
CPT X300 - Leaning into Darkness: Essential Concepts in the Provision of Trauma Informed Care
CPT X310 - The Intersection of Trauma and Substance Use
CPT X320 - Differential Diagnosis for Trauma-Related Disorders
CPT X330 - Bearing Witness: Traumatic Stress and its Impact on Staff Performance and Well Being - Individuals and Organizations
CPT X370 - Practicing Mental Health at the Intersections of Trauma, Identity, and Culture
CPT X398 - CPT Certificate in Fundamentals of Trauma Responsive Practice
CPT X399 - CPT Certificate in Advanced Trauma-Responsive Practice
CPT X500 - Core Competencies in Supervision: Crucial Concepts and Skills
CPT X510 - Beyond 101: Negotiating and Utilizing ‘Self’ in Supervisory Relationships: Intersections of Culture and Power
CPT X520 - Grasping Fog: The Reflective Use of Self and Its Application in Clinical Supervision
CPT X530 - Contracted Clinical Supervision: Navigating the Balance of Transparency, Support, and Accountability
CPT X540 - Intercultural Supervision: Navigating Cultural Difference in the Supervisory Relationship
CPT X550 - The Ethics of Supervision: Utilizing a Decision-Making Model to Navigate Rough Waters
CPT X570 - Group Work + Supervision: Fundamentals, Models and Approaches
CPT X575 - Intergenerational Evolution of Culturally Relevant Practice
CPT X580 - Incorporating the Ally Model of Social Justice to the Supervision Process
CPT X585 - Clinical Supervision & You: Setting the Stage Through Research & Practice
CPT X590 - Hope for the Heavy Heart: Recognizing and Healing Secondary Traumatic Stress
CPT X599 - CPT Certificate in Clinical Supervision
CPT X7000 - Certification in Prolonged Exposure Therapy
CPT X7050 - Intensive Workshop In Prolonged Exposure Therapy For Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
CPT X8000 - Demystifying Addiction: An Intensive Workshop Series to Enhance Your Practice
MNCA X512 - Moorhead Regional Conference
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