The Institute of Global Studies provides professional development opportunities for K-16 teachers on global and international topics. We are dedicated to the teaching of international studies and increasing global awareness in students.

 Contact information: Deborah Jane, outreach coordinator, 612-624-7346.


GLOS 0025 - Seeking Refuge in a Changing World Book Club for K-12 Educators
GLOS X0006 - Public Health in Africa: a Series of Workshops for Educators
GLOS X0007 - Middle East Book Club for K-12 Educators
GLOS X0008 - Refugees in Our Classroom
GLOS X0009 - Economies of Africa a Workshop for High School Educators
GLOS X0010 - Africa in the Classroom Part II
GLOS X0011 - After Ebola: A Public Health in Africa PD Workshop
GLOS X0012 - Colonialism and Health Care in Africa a Workshop for K-12 Educators
GLOS X0013 - Inclusive Education: A Public Health in Africa Workshop for Educators
GLOS X0014 - Expanding Visions/Building Traditions, African Curriculum in the Social Studies Classroom
GLOS X0015 - Stories of Conflict and Hope: African Literature in the High School Classroom
GLOS X0016 - Curriculum Development for African Literature in the High School Classroom
GLOS X0017 - Minnesota's Migration and Digital Storytelling
GLOS X0018 - Building Empathy, Taking Action Graphic Novels in the Classroom
GLOS X0019 - Challenging Perspectives: An Inquiry Based Approach to Understanding Apartheid in Beverly Naidoo's Out of Bounds Seven Stories of Conflict and Hope
GLOS X0020 - Somali for Educators
GLOS X0021 - A Long Way From Home: The Journeys We Take
GLOS X0022 - West African Perspectives in the French Classroom
GLOS X0023 - Journeys to Our Classrooms: How Newcomers and Refugees Arrive
GLOS X0024 - Social Emotional Learning, World History, and African Literature : Teaching Far From Home.
GLOS X0025 - Seeking Refuge in a Changing World Book Club for K-12 Educators
GLOS X0026 - Taking Action: Acting Locally, Linking Globally
GLOS X0027 - Taking Action Curriculum Development
GLOS X0029 - Bringing the Distant Near: Global Book Club for Educators
GLOS X0030 - Human Rights in National Security: Analyzing Amnesty International Curriculum
GLOS X0031 - Empowering Students to Improve the World: Mindfulness and Global Lessons
GLOS X0032 - Teaching about Genocide
GLOSX 0015 - An Introduction to Arabic for Non Language Educators
GLOSX 0016 - Teaching and Commemorating the Holocaust and/or Genocides: Global and Local Perspectives
GLOSX 0017 - Teaching the Holocaust through Art
GLOSX 0033 - Global Nonfiction: A book club for K-12 and community college educators
GLOSX 0034 - Teaching about Russian Influence in the Elections
GLOSX 0035 - Tracing Minnesota's Forgotten History: Approaches to Teaching About the 1862 U.S.-Dakota War and Its Legacies
GLOSX 028 - Gender and Genocide: Uncovering Absent Narrative in Mass Violence and Human Rights Education