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EXT EGI.0010 - Feeding the World Workshop
EXT LCE.0010 - Grow Your Facilitation Skills
EXT X4H.0001 - 2020 National 4-H Conference
EXT X4H.0006 - SS&W Leader Training Pre-Work
EXT X4H.0010 - East Central Bold North 4-H Adventures
EXT X4H.0011 - Building Leadership and Understanding (BLU)
EXT X4H.0012 - Teens Engaged in Emerging Leadership (TEEL)
EXT XAF.0031 - Introduction to Cow/Calf Nutrition Home Study Course
EXT XAF.0037 - Aquatic Invasive Species Detector Core Course - AIS
EXT XAF.0040 - Master Woodland Owner: Itasca
EXT XAF.0043 - Institute for Ag Professionals Field School for Ag Professionals 2022
EXT XAF.0053 - Equine Carcass Composting Field Day
EXT XAF.0055 - Horse Carcass Composting
EXT XAF.0059 - Forest Pest First Detector
EXT XAF.0061 - AIS Detector IN PERSON
EXT XAF.0062 - AIS Management 101
EXT XAF.0063 - AIS Detectors Core Course - Returning Detectors
EXT XAF.0064 - AIS Detectors Core Course - Backus
EXT XAF.0065 - AIS Detectors Core Course - Itasca Waters
EXT XAF.0066 - AIS Detectors Core Course for South Dakota
EXT XAF.0074 - Basic Horse Nutrition
EXT XAF.0075 - Growing and Feeding Horse Hay
EXT XAF.0076 - Horse Pasture Establishment and Management
EXT XAF.0077 - Managing Overweight Horses
EXT XAF.0078 - Equine Exhibition Manager Training
EXT XAF.0082 - Manure Management for Small Farms and Horse Owners
EXT XAF.0083 - The Beekeeper Scientist 2019
EXT XAF.0084 - The Successful Beekeeper 2019
EXT XAF.0085 - Bee Squad Buzz Pass 2019
EXT XAF.0086 - Commercial Animal Waste Technician (CAWT) Recertification
EXT XAF.0087 - Serve It Up Safely™ online – Catering, take-out and delivery food safety practices Certified Food Protection Manager Renewal Course
EXT XAF.0095 - Beekeeping Clinic and Garden Tour
EXT XAF.0096 - AIS Detectors Training
EXT XAF.0097 - The Successful Beekeeper - Rochester 2019
EXT XAF.0098 - Beekeeping for Veterans 2019
EXT XAF.0099 - Assessing Vegetation Impacts from Deer
EXT XAF.0104 - Horse Biosecurity
EXT XAF.0105 - Master Gardener Horticulture Core Course 2020
EXT XAF.0107 - Intro to Beekeeping Series
EXT XAF.0108 - Bee Squad Buzz Pass 2020
EXT XAF.0109 - The Successful Beekeeper 2020
EXT XAF.0110 - Rochester Mentoring Apiary 2020
EXT XAF.0112 - Aquatic Invasive Species Management 101
EXT XAF.0113 - Growing Vegetables in Minnesota
EXT XAF.0115 - Beekeeping for Veterans 2022
EXT XAF.0116 - Tactical Invasive Management Plan Online Course
EXT XAF.0117 - Home Apiary Help
EXT XAF.0119 - Groundwater Basics for Resource Managers
EXT XAF.0120 - Pesticide Recertification Self-paced courses
EXT XAF.0124 - 2021 Minnesota Structural Pest Management Conference
EXT XAF.0127 - Nitrogen Smart Online
EXT XAF.0135 - Mentoring Apiary In-Person Workshops 2022
EXT XAF.0136 - Rochester In-person Mentoring Apiary 2022
EXT XAF.0137 - 2022 Annual Pumpkin Grower Meet-up
EXT XAF.0145 - Mentoring Apiary In-Person Classes 2023
EXT XAF.0146 - Mentoring Apiary Online Classes 2023
EXT XAF.0147 - Beekeeping for Veterans
EXT XAF.0149 - The Amazing Garden Tour
EXT XAF.0151 - 2024 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshops: Southeast - South Central Region
EXT XAF.0152 - 2024 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshops: Northwest Region
EXT XAF.0153 - 2024 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshops: West Central Region
EXT XAF.0154 - 2024 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshops: Central Region
EXT XAF.0155 - 2024 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshops: Southwest Region
EXT XAF.0156 - 2024 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshops: ZOOM Webinars
EXT XAF.0157 - Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary 2024
EXT XAF.0186 - CAWT Online Recertification Course 2023
EXT XAG.0010 - 2020 Crop & Pest Management Connect
EXT XAG.0011 - Research Updates for Ag Professionals
EXT XAG.0012 - Growing Cold Climate Grapes: 2024 Vineyard Management
EXT XAG.0020 - UMN Extension A.I. School
EXT XAG.0021 - Annie's Project: Central MN
EXT XAG.0022 - Cover Crop Academy
EXT XAN.0010 - Dormant Pruning for Cold Hardy Grapes Workshop
EXT XAR.0010 - Integrated Pest Management In Your Garden
EXT XAR.0011 - Introduction to Woody Ornamentals
EXT XAR.0012 - The Master Gardener Apple Module
EXT XAR.0013 - Growing Fruit in Minnesota
EXT XAR.0014 - Introduction to Soils, Compost and Fertilizer
EXT XAR.0015 - Introduction to Botany and Horticulture
EXT XAR.0016 - Nature Heals for Master Gardener Volunteers
EXT XAR.0017 - Food Preservation Consultants for Master Gardener Volunteers
EXT XAR.0018 - 2024 Horticulture Core Course for Master Gardener Volunteers
EXT XAR.0019 - 2024 ProHort Core Course
EXT XAR.0020 - Nature Heals Modified for NY Master Gardeners
EXT XAR.0021 - Indoor Plants and Propagation
EXT XAR.0022 - Invasive Species for Extension Volunteers
EXT XAR.0023 - Climate-Ready Gardening
EXT XAR.0024 - Climate-Ready Gardening Community Engagement Toolkit
EXT XAR.0026 - 2023 Climate-Ready Gardens
EXT XAR.0027 - Edible Plants Short Course
EXT XAR.0028 - Managing Pests in the Garden Short Course
EXT XAS.0010 - Minnesota Nutrition Conference 2023-Sponsors
EXT XAW.0011 - Online Commercial Animal Waste Technician Training
EXT XAW.0012 - Manure Management Planning for Minnesota 2021
EXT XAW.0013 - Manure Demo Day and CAWT Re-certification
EXT XCV.0001 - Business Retention and Recovery (BRR) Cohort
EXT XCV.0010 - Enhancing Readiness for Business
EXT XCV.0012 - Business Success(ion): Creating a Plan
EXT XCV.0014 - Vital Reads for Community Leaders: A book group to renew and reimagine your leadership
EXT XCV.0015 - At Your Service: Train-the-Trainer
EXT XCV.0040 - Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Online Course
EXT XCV.0041 - Business Retention & Expansion - Face-to-Face Course (Fall 2021)
EXT XCV.0044 - Timely Topic: Sponsorship for Festivals and Events
EXT XCV.0078 - Southeast Minnesota League of Municipalities Leadership Series 2018 - January session
EXT XCV.0079 - Growing Tourism Leadership
EXT XCV.0080 - Being white and anti-racist: A book club for change
EXT XCV.0081 - Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership (MARL)
EXT XCV.0083 - Decision-Making Tools and Practices for Complex Times
EXT XCV.0084 - Trust: It's not built in a day
EXT XCV.0085 - The Leaders Community presents Emotional Intelligence: 2021’s Essential Skill
EXT XCV.0086 - Leading Economic Transformation
EXT XEN.0010 - Beekeeping in Northern Climates
EXT XEN.0011 - Midwest Bumble Bee Identification, Ecology, and Conservation
EXT XEN.0012 - Beekeeping in Northern Climates
EXT XEN.0013 - Successful Queen Rearing
EXT XEN.0014 - Greenhouse IPM and biocontrol course with IPM certificate at completion
EXT XEN.0015 - Beekeeping workshop for veterinarians, veterinary students, and veterinary technicians at the University of Minnesota Bee Lab
EXT XEN.0016 - Midwest bee genus identification workshop
EXT XFD.0001 - Participatory Grant Making Training
EXT XFD.0015 - Invest Now: Money in Retirement
EXT XFD.0058 - Systems Approaches for Healthy Communities Americorps
EXT XFD.0060 - Systems Approaches for Healthy Communities
EXT XFD.0067 - Online RentWise Train-the-Trainer course
EXT XFD.0073 - Start Strong: Cooking, Feeding and More
EXT XFD.0075 - 2024 Let's Cook and Eat Healthy - Partner Education
EXT XFD.0098 - Brianna and Tanya: A Case Study About Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
EXT XFD.0099 - About Steven: A Children's Mental Health Case Study About Depression
EXT XFD.0100 - InvestNow
EXT XFD.0101 - SNAP-Ed Online
EXT XFD.0102 - Healthy Cents Online
EXT XFO.0010 - Winter Tree Identification Workshop
EXT XFO.0011 - Assessing Vegetation Impacts from Deer
EXT XFO.0012 - Invasive Plant Identification for Conservation Corps of MN
EXT XFO.0013 - Tree and Plant Identification: A Native Plant Community Approach
EXT XFO.0014 - Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative
EXT XFO.0015 - Assisted Migration in Practice
EXT XFO.0016 - EmpowerU: Citizen Water Monitors Training
EXT XFO.0017 - Tree and Plant Identification: Mesic hardwoods
EXT XFO.0018 - Woods Work
EXT XFO.0019 - Forest Management and Wildlife Habitat Summit
EXT XFO.0021 - Master Woodland Owner: Climate and Carbon
EXT XFO.0022 - Planning for your woodland: family conversations, financial programs, and conservation easements
EXT XFO.0023 - 2024 Forestry and Wildlife Research and Practice Review
EXT XFO.0024 - Minnesota Woodland Owner Workshop: Growing your dream forest
EXT XFO.0025 - Oak Savanna Restoration Volunteer Workshop
EXT XFO.0026 - Minnesota woodland owner workshop: Improving your woods and shoreline
EXT XFO.0027 - Minnesota Woodland Owner Workshop: October 2021
EXT XFO.0028 - Woodland management for wildlife and forest health
EXT XFO.0029 - Creating Wildlife Habitat on Your Property in Minnesota
EXT XFO.0030 - Forest Adaptation Field Day
EXT XFO.0063 - AIS Detectors Core Course
EXT XFO.0064 - Minnesota Forest Carbon Series: Carbon Markets
EXT XFO.0065 - Minnesota Forest Carbon Series: Silviculture and Carbon
EXT XFO.0066 - Symposium on Lake States Lowland and Wet Forests
EXT XFO.0067 - 54th North American Moose Conference and Workshop
EXT XFO.0068 - Technology and Forest Carbon Webinar Series
EXT XFO.0069 - Symposium on Lake States Pine-dominated Forests
EXT XFO.0070 - 2023 Forestry Webinar Series
EXT XFO.0071 - Pagami Creek Fire Ten Years On: Lessons learned
EXT XFO.0072 - Timber Sale Design for Wildlife Planning
EXT XFO.0073 - ECS Silviculture: Mesic Hardwood Forests
EXT XFO.0074 - Field Day: Adaptive Silviculture Lessons for Timber Oriented Managers
EXT XFO.0075 - ForCAST Workshop: A Look Under the Hood of NRRI's Forest Change Assessment Simulation Tool
EXT XFO.0076 - Natural Disturbance Forest Habitat Summit
EXT XFO.0077 - CPR/First Aid Training
EXT XFO.0078 - Forestry Field Skills
EXT XFO.0079 - Timber Marking for Wildlife
EXT XFO.0080 - Forest Management for Neotropical Migratory Birds
EXT XFO.0081 - 2023 Timber Management and Taxation School
EXT XFO.0082 - Silviculture for Northern Long-Eared Bat
EXT XFO.0083 - Wildlife Tracking
EXT XFO.0084 - MN Forest Management Guidelines Training
EXT XFO.0085 - Forest Management for Culturally Significant Species
EXT XFS.0011 - Food Safety on the Farm: GAPs, Food Safety Plans, and More!
EXT XFS.0012 - GAPs Training
EXT XFS.0013 - Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) trainings with Farmer/Buyer Networking
EXT XNR.0010 - Minnesota Master Naturalist: North Woods Great Lakes
EXT XNR.0011 - Minnesota Master Naturalist: Big Woods Big Rivers
EXT XNR.0013 - Minnesota Master Naturalist: Advanced Training
EXT XNR.0014 - Minnesota Master Naturalist Instructor Training
EXT XSF.0010 - Small Farm Education 2020 Workshop Series
EXT XSF.0011 - Small Farm Start-up School 2021
EXT XSF.0012 - Will Agritourism be right for your small farm? What you need to know to decide.
EXT XWA.0010 - Planting Possibilities: Shaping the Future of Farming
EXT XWR.0010 - Soil Management Summit
EXT XWR.0011 - Northern Soil Compaction Conference
EXT XWR.0012 - Minnesota Irrigator Program
EXT XYD.0005 - Youth Work Matters: Facilitated online course
NR X034 - Installation and Management of Roadside Turfgrasses
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